Shell-E Innovation Kit


*Requires access to a 3D printer*

Integrate design, 3-D printing, electronics, and coding into your STEAM classroom with the Shell-E Innovation Kit. Student will develop as creative thinkers as they design a custom robot chassis and bring it to life using the powerful EZ-B IoTiny robot controller. Create authentic learning experiences as students learn to track and recognize objects with the advanced camera, along with other practical technologies including speech recognition, machine learning, and virtual reality experiences.

For ages 12+

Learn with The Robot Program

Learn how to use the kit for 3-D printing, building, and programming with The Robot Program
Teach your students to become creative thinkers with our new Shell-E Innovation Kit. The Shell-E Innovation Kit promotes creativity and STEAM learning by empowering students to design and 3-D print their own robot. Through innovation and engineering design, students bring their vision to life using the EZ-B IoTiny robot controller. From facial recognition to audio interaction, students learn about computational thinking while coding practical solutions to complex problems.

Student Building Shell-E

Educators have the opportunity to integrate 3-D printing technology and accessories into outcomes for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Teaching and learning experiences are supported through available lessons and design challenges.

Branded Shell-E

Students are able to engage with the design and printing process as they watch their robot shell become reality. Expand student creativity and practical CAD skills through customizable shell designs that can be printed to fit the bottom chassis. The estimated 3-D print time is 9 hours for the example top shell chassis and 4.5 for the example bottom chassis and servo clips.

Shell-E gif

The robot assembly uses pressure-fit connections to minimize necessary tools and reduce safety risks in the classroom, particularly for younger students. Teach students about electronics hardware as they connect the EZ-B IoTiny robot controller to the powerful EZ-B v4 camera and the 360 HDD servos. Students can get creative with the LED antennae for additional fun and engagement. Kit Contents: EZ-B IoTiny, alternate power adapter, speaker, EZ-B b4 camera, two 360 HDD servos with wheels, 6xAA battery holder, two wired LEDs.

ezrobots are visual learners.

The camera features advanced vision learning, detection and tracking abilities. Your ezrobot can interact with objects, colors, faces, motion, glyphs, and QR codes!

Education in the classroom, and at home.
Children playing with robots at home, and at school.

In the classroom or at home, ezrobot Revolution has a big impact on STEM education. Learn about robots, and have fun doing it! With hundreds of tutorials, no questions are left unanswered. Personalizing your ezrobot with new behaviors will teach students how robots walk, see, hear and interact with their surroundings to solve problems using a combination of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Visit the EZ-Robot School!

Live Streaming Video.
Robot vision with streaming live video

Give your robot or IoT project the gift of sight with live real-time streaming video. View the video on your mobile device or PC over the WiFi connection of the EZ-B.

Streaming Audio – Music, voices or sound fx.
Robot streaming audio of music, voices and sound fx

Robots need a voice! The EZ-B has a built-in speaker to stream audio in real-time from the PC or Mobile Device. Play music, sound effects or even text-to-speech through your robot or IoT project.

Software that’s easy to use.

A laptop with e z builder software in use.

If hardware is the heart of your ezrobot, then software is the soul. Introducing ez-builder, the world’s easiest, most powerful, and most scalable robotics software. ez-builder takes a productive and unique approach to programming your robot. Simply add behaviors such as camera tracking, speech recognition, Wii controllers, GPS, gait animator, and hundreds more!

Mobile control.

A tablet with ez-builder in use.

Use an Android or iOS mobile device with apps from our ez-cloud app store to control your robot or IoT project. Have an idea for a robot app? Create a robot app and share with it the world. ezrobot makes everyone an app developer!