EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade


Need faster robot communication? Experience the /2 Upgrade for your EZ-B v4.x with this latest communication module! For ages 12+


This EZ-B v4.x/2 Comm Upgrade is the latest communication board to upgrade older EZ-B v4’s purchased before August 2016. The upgrade consists of a single PCB that can be swapped to replace previous communication board versions of EZ-B v4’s. This next generation communication board introduces super fast communication between the robot and your PC/Mobile device.

*Note: Verify in EZ-Builder the current EZ-B v4 comm version to see if this upgrade applies to you. After connecting to your EZ-B v4, look in the popup status window at the bottom of the screen, or add the Debug control. The EZB v4 version will be displayed in the connection debug log.


  • 100Mhz STM32 ARM Processor
  • Contains Official MxChip Hardware
  • Custom MICO RTOS
  • Broadcom Wi-Fi Chipset
  • Network Discovery Broadcast Mode
  • Telnet Server
  • Configurable TCP Server Ports
  • Web Server

Version Differences:

Comm /1 Comm /2
Custom EZ-B System Naming No Yes *Configurable in Web Server
Max Reads Per Second ~20 ~400 *Varies on network/pc speed
Video Buffer 4KB 20KB
Telnet Server No Yes *Configurable in web server
Advanced Network Settings No Yes *Configurable in web server
Disable Startup Chime No Yes *Configurable in web server
Disable Connection Chime No Yes *Configurable in web server
Up-gradable Firmware No Yes
Network Discover-able No Yes *Compatible in PC and Mobile
Wi-Fi Chain-able No Yes *One ez-b can be set as AP mode while others client
Change TCP Server Ports No Yes *Configurable in web server